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Arts and Entertainment in the 1930s


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During the 1930s and 1940s, many artists turned to subject matter that reflected their experiences of the locales in which they lived and worked. Known as Regionalism or American Scene painting, this trend emerged in all corners of the country, as artists told visual stories about the people in towns, cities, and the countryside who enacted their quotidian lives with heroism, humor, or tenacity in the face of economic hardships.
Thomas Hart Benton, Fisherman at Sunset, 1947, gouache on paper, 15 x 21 inches

Louis Freund, Transcontinental Bus, 1936, oil on panel, 25 x 31 inches
Helen Forbes,
Mountains and
Miner's Shack, 1940,
 oil on canvas, 34 x
40 inchcs
 THE VENTILATOR, 1945, Arthur Osver, American (b. 1912), oil on Masonite, on loan from the Schoen Collection